How Much Of Miley Cyrus’ Sideboob Do We Need To See Before We Can Say We’ve Seen Her Whole Boob?

Miley Cyrus sideboob photo nude picsMiley Cyrus has this down to a science. As far as we know, there still aren’t any confirmed nude photos of her floating around the internet, but it really doesn’t matter because at this point we’ve mostly seen her boobs anyway. She showed up to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday wearing just a boob chain and a tuxedo jacket, and now RadarOnline has this photo of her very nearly experiencing a wardrobe malfunction while running through LA.

Radar is sure to mention that Miley grabbed at her shirt to see it in place, but that’s a hefty helping of sideboob we were treated to, along with her recent dreamcatcher tattoo on her ribcage. Seriously, she’s battling Lea Michele for whose areolas will see the light of day first.

These glimpses are obviously planned—and don’t forget her controversial backless photo from Vanity Fair in 2008. I’m gonna play conspiracy theorist here and say that Miley has found a way to subvert any remaining influence Disney might have over her image and still show us the goods without releasing nude photos. She might also show more skin in the sex scenes for her coming-of-age movie LOL, but you’d have to ask the three people who saw it.

Keep it in your shirt, Miley; I’m sure you make Liam Hemsworth very happy, but the rest of us aren’t as interested in seeing your tatas. Now that I’ve used the word “sideboob” more times in this post than in the last month, all I can think of is this:

Photo: Limelight Pics

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