Lea Michele’s Cleavage Makes A Highly Unanticipated Appearance On Letterman

Lea Michele wants you to know she’s sexy. She’s oozing sex. Seriously, someone grab a towel because that is sex appeal dripping off her body onto the floor. It’s soaking the floor. That’s how sexy Lea Michele wants you to think she is when she’s away from Glee. That’s why she wore a cleavage-framing dress on The Late Show With Dave Letterman last night.

Her boobs are practically tweeting out, “LOOK AT ME! WE ARE BOOBS! ON LEA MICHELE!” Her areolas are surely struggling to make their own cameo. Just a peak. Just a quick little look out at the audience to say hi.

But, despite all the effort to showcase her sexy boobs in her sexy dress, she doesn’t look all that sexy to me. It’s like the girl in middle school who thought she would be the most desirable girl in 7th grade just because she bought the shortest jorts that Wet Seal sold. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

You have to actually be sexy to be sexy. I know that’s like a riddle straight out of an intern’s article submission to Cosmo. But it completely makes sense when you think about it. The sexiest people are the people who just are sexy. They’re not the people who appear to put hours into their appearance to look sexy. Buying a well-fitted dress that shows off your curves is sexy. Buying a dress that puts your boobs on display isn’t. Just like in middle school, trying too hard still isn’t cool — and in the case of Lea Michele it still isn’t sexy.

I know Lea wants to break out of her Glee typecasting. She’s been wanting to do that since that infamous “surprisingly sexy” underwear photo shoot in GQ all the way back in 2010. But she needs to find a better way to do that. A way that doesn’t involve inviting her boobs to every public appearance. No one likes a third wheel, even if it comes with nipples.

(Phot0: Sugarscape)

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    • Cee

      YES! All of this! Lea is pretty, I’m just tired of her putting her tits out and almost her vulva out in magazines to prove something.

      • Stop

        Please she did one questionable picture in GQ, nearly 2 years ago now.

    • blah, blah

      I think she looks great and did a great interview. She is 25 so what let her have some fun. Another person just looking for things to go off on, sad really.

      • Jenni Maier

        You don’t think she was making a statement with that dress?

    • May

      I would think she’s making a statement, if it weren’t for that fact that that she’s always favored cleavage bearing dresses, even way before Glee. I think it’s just her default setting. Even in candids when she’s in casual clothing and no makeup, her boobs are usually “out and about”.

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    • May

      Also, I think sexiness is subjective. I think she’s sexy enough. But I will say that I find her much sexier when she’s not really trying :)

    • Maggie

      Agree with the Wet Seal metaphor. She just oozes trying too hardness

      • Maggie

        Even in that GQ shoot she just looks super awkward

    • Eileen

      I’m mostly concerned about the band at the top. I get its structural purpose, but it makes the whole dress look worse.

      • Rory

        I agree with your observation, Eileen. I’m not too keen on that dress stylistically. It does nothing for her shape since she has no hips, very petite androgynous frame.

    • porkchop

      I just watched her 2009 appearance on Letterman, and he seemed totally bored, which has to be a blow to your self-esteem, given that he is the biggest hound ever and flirts with every female guest he has or at least makes fun of them. Maybe she was hoping he would do more than phone it in if her boob popped out?

      • Jenni Maier

        I think her secret dream (or maybe not so secret) would be to have her boob pop out on TV.

      • Jim

        That was David’s first interview after he was caught cheating with staff members. He was on his best behavior. He wasn’t going to flirt with the first female guest right after that.

    • Sarah

      It’s really just awesome how you see a girl showing cleavage and immediately jump into criticizing her and talking about how she’s trying too hard and she’s just not sexy at all because LOOK at all that SKIN! Sorry, but this was bordering a little too close to slut-shaming for me to take your side.

    • Jay

      Broadway good vocals – but not amazing. She’s over-rated and tries too hard. Her reputation is wrought with fame-whoring. She does not deserved to be papped so much. After that Glee show, I hope she goes back to Broadway and keep honing in her craft. Hopefully she sheds her Glee associations and associates as well – they are a drag on her journey.

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    • http://about.me/helloerica Erica Allison

      Oh sweet, another article where girls put other girls down.