The 3 Golden Sisters On Fifty Shades Of Grey, John Travolta, And More Pop Culture Stories

3 Golden Sisters Lindsay Lohan Elizabeth TaylorLindsay Lohan:

Mary: “I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t think Lindsay Lohan should play Elizabeth Taylor.”

Teresa: “I don’t see that, either. I don’t see that connection. I mean, there’s a place for her in film, but not as Elizabeth Taylor.”

Josie: “And she’s too old, really, to play Fifty Shades of Grey. Isn’t she 30? How old is she?”

Crushable: “She’s only 25.”

Teresa: “Not that attractive.”

Crushable: “So what kind of roles do you think she should be taking?”

Teresa: “Edgy roles.”

Crushable: “I think she tried the edgy thing—she played a stripper a couple years ago, and it was just a horrible movie.”

Photo: Chatter Busy

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