The 3 Golden Sisters On Fifty Shades Of Grey, John Travolta, And More Pop Culture Stories

Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West:

Josie: “I think they’re all about making a lot of money. ‘Cause she got all that money just to televise the wedding. They’re real opportunists and all they’re looking for is to make the money.”

Teresa: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to make money.”

Mary: “She likes sex, and she likes black guys.”

Josie: “But for her mother to give her permission—her mother advised her to do that video…”

3 Golden Sisters Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West sex

Teresa: “No, she didn’t.”

Josie: “Terri, it was OK with her mom.”

Teresa: “It was OK after it was done, what could she do?”

Josie: “No, no, before…”

Mary: “Did you see that?”

Crushable: “I’ve only seen a little. I was fairly young when it came out, I shouldn’t have been watching it.”

Teresa: “It educated Mary.”

Mary: “No, it shocked me. Well, I learned that I didn’t do it right. You’re never too old to learn.”

Josie: “It’s funny, I think the wedding was all about the money. I enjoyed it, but I think she was just—when she got the divorce so fast, I thought, Oh come on, you don’t even give it a little chance?

Teresa: “No, I think that sometimes you marry someone and you find out that This is not for me. I mean, right from the beginning they argued about what coast they were going to live on—goodbye.”

3 Golden Sisters Kris Jenner Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner

What they think of Kris Jenner grooming Kendall and Kylie for reality careers:

Teresa: “I think it’s fine. I mean, we would like a reality show.”

Josie: “I’m very happy, Terri, that I wasn’t famous in my teenage years, because I think you miss a lot. Like in my growing-up years, we had so much fun…”

Teresa: “But they’re having fun, too. How could you say, Josie, that they’re not having fun? My goodness, they’re having fun.”

Josie: “But then it ends too soon, Terri. It doesn’t go on forever. Look at us.”

Mary: “I think the Kardashians have a lot, a lot of fun. They’re a very, very close-knit family. And whatever happens that makes them happy, that’s what happens. They look like a very happy family. They just love sex, all of them.”

Photos: Bro Bible, Fashionista

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