The 3 Golden Sisters On Fifty Shades Of Grey, John Travolta, And More Pop Culture Stories

3 Golden Sisters Fifty Shades of Grey BDSMFifty Shades of Grey

Mary: “She’s so in love. She was so, so, so in love. She could do anything for him. It was like, an unbelievable love story. I only read nine chapters—I didn’t get into what they say is the kinky part. But what I did see was, here is a girl who is so, so, so in love. And let me tell you, that’s an unbelievable feeling. Not everybody gets that feeling where they’re that much in love they’ll do anything for them. And I was definitely very much in love with my husband. He took my virginity before I married him.”

Teresa: “Did you do anything he said?”

Mary: “Yeah.”

Teresa: “Oh.”

Mary: “Oh, not like that, Terri!”

Teresa: “Did he put handcuffs on you?”

Mary: “We had sex standing up.”

Teresa: “Did he put handcuffs on you?”

Mary: “What? No, no, no. I didn’t get that far, Terri. I didn’t get that far in the book.”

Teresa: “I did, and you know, it gets a little kinky. I don’t think you should ever do anything that hurts. And she was. And that reaches a point where it’s not love anymore, it’s just making a man dent on you. So that part was not for me.”

Mary: “I loved the love she had. I don’t know the ending, but she had an unbelievable time… The beginning was good. I love the way she went to kiss him and he wouldn’t kiss her, that was so exciting. And then when he kissed her, she went absolutely crazy. That’s an incredible feeling—the sparks go flying.”

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

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