The 3 Golden Sisters On Fifty Shades Of Grey, John Travolta, And More Pop Culture Stories

3 Golden Sisters John Travolta Lindsay Lohan Fifty Shades of Grey

Easily the highlight of my week last week was interviewing the 3 Golden Sisters, the adorably frank Italian grandmas who became internet famous when a video of them mocking Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape went viral a few weeks back. I wish I could share the screenshots from our Skype interview, because it was just the three of them chattering about marriage, sex, and pop culture while I laughed. It was more of a conversation than an interview, with these smart, funny women who have a great rapport. I’ve simply transcribed the video because the quotes were so funny—and for reference, from left to right that’s Josie, Mary, and Teresa.

We got them to spill their thoughts on last week’s hot-button pop culture stories, from John Travolta getting sued by gay masseurs to whether they’d read E.L. James‘ erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey. We also ended up on side tangents about Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians… and we got the chance to debut one of their new videos before it’s available anywhere else.

Honestly, these ladies are funnier than the much younger wannabe pop culture commentators you see on the red carpet or shows like Best Week Ever.

Photo: 3 Golden Sisters

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