Watch Video Of Katy Perry Performing Her New Single ‘Wide Awake’ Last Night

Katy Perry debuted her new single ‘Wide Awake’ last night at the Billboard Music Awards and if you’re at all interested in Katy’s personal life, particularly her short-lived marriage to Russell Brand, it’s definitely worth a watch.

In the video, Katy wears a very trendy eighteenth-century nightgown as she’s lowered from the ceiling in some sort of sheet-swing apparatus. She then leans casually to the side and is pulled halfheartedly in each direction by other hanging sheet-cronies. She continues to be lowered to the ground, where she’s caught by a Russell Brand look-a-like, who also pushes her gently around the stage like the very expensive investment that she is. Let me be clear: we do not want this lady falling out of her sheet-swing, guys. Push her very softly so she can lip sync about her failed relationship in peace.

The song itself is pretty…meh. It’s pretty clearly about her disillusionment after the break-up of her marriage, with lyrics like:

‘I wish I knew then / what I know now / wouldn’t dive in / wouldn’t bow down
Gravity hurts/ you made it so sweet / ’til I woke up / on the concrete.’

Whomp whomp. Sad Katy spinning around on her swing getting motion-sickness while the scenery does surprisingly awesome things behind her. I’m just hoping the recorded version will be better on the full album…which I will secretly and guiltily buy on iTunes after a hard day of work and a glass and a half of wine.

Nobody’s perfect.

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