Life Lessons From Kris Jenner: Force Your Daughter Into A Paternity Test For The Ratings (I Mean, For Her Peace Of Mind)

Good for Khloe—when the rest of the family confronts her, she doesn’t for a minute believe any of her mom’s bullshit about doing this for Khloe’s own good. Even as Kris tries to shove the blame on Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives for stirring the pot, Khloe hits her back with the best comeback. She makes a really logical argument for the fact that she’s been bullied in the press for years:

“Just ’cause everyone’s called me fat, do you want me to go get lipo?”

Yet again, Khloe proves herself to be the best Kardashian with this snappy reply and showing that she has more self-esteem than the rest of them combined. Not to be derailed, however, Kris wants us to sympathize with her anguish over this situation, her wish that Khloe would just be happy with who she is. She tearfully tells the cameras,

“It just makes me so sad to think she wouldn’t believe that Rob is her dad…”

Except that she does! Khloe clearly says, “I have two fathers, Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner.” There’s no identity crisis going on. Ultimately, she and Kris make up after Kris writes her a letter about what a cute blonde baby she was; but Khloe stands up for herself and sternly tells Kris she has to respect her decisions. Kris says that she’s “over it” now, which seems odd considering her crusade of the past 44 minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if this plotline rears its ugly head later in the season. For now, however, Khloe makes it clear where she stands.

“I’m an Odom, anyway. I’m not a Kardashian anymore, so let’s just move on.”

Even amidst the divorce rumors, Khloe has never been as obsessed with the Kardashian brand as her sisters and mother are. She gave up her name to start a life separate from her reality-crazed clan, and it sucks whenever she gets pulled back into all that. She’s better than that.

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    • Linne

      So if she doesn’t care, why did Khloe have a maternal DNA test on this show a couple years ago? I’m calling this episode(like the others) scripted, and they are digging at the bottom of the barrel for plots.