Exclusive Blind Item: Bratty Actress And Her Family Insult Restaurant Staff

She’s not a brat, she just plays one on TV. Can you figure out who this blind item is about?

This star of a popular TV show has a reputation for being particularly…ahem…difficult (both on-screen and off), and it’s clear that that reputation is entirely deserved. Crushable has just gotten word that this celebrity was out to dinner with her parents recently and didn’t feel that the laws of physics that govern the speed at which food can be cooked should necessarily apply to her.

Less than twenty minutes after ordering well-done fish, this starlet sent her father back to the kitchen with instructions to “knock on the window” to see if their food that they ordered “hours ago” was ready.

When the waiter did ultimately bring the food to the table, this star argued with him about which items were safe for her to eat with her food allergies (which he had apparently accounted for), and after insulting his intelligence, left a 10% tip.

We can’t tell you the name of this bratty star, but can you guess??

(Image: Flickr)

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    • kait

      My guess is going to be Lea Michele, but only because I’ve read that she can be quite the Diva.

    • Snaptastic

      Lea Michele was immediately my guess too!

    • Katie

      I kind of thought that too, but some quick investigation revealed that she is a strict vegan. No fish for this gal.

    • L

      lindsay lohan?

      • L

        oh popular tv show. nevermind.

    • ??

      It totally was Lea Michelle. Vegan my butt. You can truly tell quite a bit about a person after witnessing how they treat people in the service industry….what does this tell me about Miss Lea? She is a spoiled brat who has no concern for anyone other than herself. If you’re going to act like a diva, make sure you have the talent to back it up.

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    • Kayla

      I’m guessing Taylor Momsen? I’ve always been a fan but it would make sense with her character on Gossip Girl!

    • katemonster

      Sounds like Sarah Hyland “Hayley” from Modern Family. Plays a brat but isn’t one meaning she plays a child but is an adult irl. She’s 20 and it’s very obvious from the behind the scenes stuff she is a Diva and doesn’t mix with the rest of the cast.

    • Lindsay

      Maybe the actress who plays Sally Draper?

      • Jenni Maier

        Say it ain’t so, she always comes off as so charming in interviews!

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    • Guess

      Lily Collins

    • Jeff Stinson

      Taylor Momsen hasn’t been on Gossip Girl in 2 years.

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    • Erica

      Another Crushable article about waiting on celebrities claims this is referring to Lea Michelle and links here. Still, as someone with food allergies who has been burned many times before (after seemingly competent waiters have INSISTED that they made sure my meal was prepared without certain ingredients), I can understand the need to be very careful. I’m sure waiters routinely think I’m being rude or second guessing them, but they don’t realize that a small mistake in the kitchen will have huge and devastating ramifications for me, and it’s really nothing personal.

      • Mike Bell

        So cook your own food if it’s nuclear science. There’s a difference between being careful and being a pretentious jerk.