Real Housewives of New Jersey: The Best of Milania Giudice, with Photos

After last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we had no choice but to conclude that Teresa Giudice lives on another planet. How else could anyone be so out of touch with reality? Although, honestly, it’s easy to see how having Joe Giudice for a husband could drive you insane. Surprise honey, we’re going bankrupt! Surprise again, I’m going to jail! Surprise, I’m probably cheating on you but you can’t really be sure!

Luckily for Teresa and Joe Giudice, their family has one major redeeming factor – their kids. Every time the cameras roll at the Giudice McMansion, we patiently sit through Joe’s rants about how every other man is a “little bitch” in order to see the antics of the four Giudice girls. They throw the best temper tantrums and have pretty epic fights. And they’re also kind of sweet. Have you noticed that Gia is much better at parenting her younger sisters than her father is?

Much as we love Gia’s no-nonsense attitude, it’s Milania that often steals the show. And because we saw entirely too much of Teresa and Joe’s crazy in the last episode, and not enough of their awesome kids, we thought you could use some Milania moments. Click through the gallery to see the best of Milania Giudice.

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    • Donna Neville

      These kids are BRATS!!!!!! They are disrespectful and I would be mortified if my kids acted that way especially for the world to see,then again the parents are real jack asses on tv also!!

    • Morgaine

      You missed the time Milania was censored. They showed her calling Gia a “stupid poop,” but what she originally called her was “stupid whore.” Those kids are, at the very least, being exposed to too much salty language. I do love Milania’s spirit, though. She’s going to be a handful when she gets older.

    • Osuzy Que

      Those kids are absolute BRATS! The Guidices are AWFUL parents. They are not raising their children to be respectful, responsible people. They are rude and self centered kids with no direction, manners or caring behavior. But since Joe & Teresa are so selfish and careless, why WOULDN’T their children be??!! Disgraceful.