Miley Cyrus Wore A Boob Chain And A Tuxedo Jacket To The Billboard Music Awards

You know how sometimes you walk out on a cool night and can’t decide if you need a jacket or not? Well, tonight Miley Cyrus created a style hack to that age old question by showing up to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in a tuxedo jacket. With nothing underneath it. Except a boob chain and two other necklaces.

Because if you ONLY wear a jacket on a breezy Spring night, you get all of the style of a last minute walk of shame. Without any of that annoying bulk over your boobs. Miley, today and always, is an inspiration to us all.

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    • Jeff Yastremski

      I thought it looked good, I’d Like to buy that jacket for my wife…

    • Mary

      She looked stunning!

    • gie

      Miley Cyrus is hot tonight, and downright sexy & elegant – ala BARDOT style. Beautiful…You wow us,onceagain. You go girl,amazeeeee us all the time. We love it. Donot listen to all the prude& haters ,you are beautiful girl… Donot waste it….

    • gie

      Miley Cyrus is beautiful, ala Bardot style-elegant & sexy, you go MIiley,wow us all time, we love your sense of style.

    • Jim

      For some reason, on a quick glance, I thought it was Steven Tyler

    • stephenphillips

      well she’s not naked so i don’t see anything wrong