SNL‘s ‘Lazy Sunday 2′ Is Older, Wiser, And Just As Insanely Quotable As The Original Digital Short

Kristen Wiig wasn’t the only Saturday  Night Live mainstay to take a bow last night—rumor has it that Andy Samberg is leaving, a rumor that he basically corroborated with the newest Digital Short “Lady Sunday 2.” That’s right, the Digital Shorts ended where they began, with Andy meeting up with Chris Parnell to rap hardcore about New York City brunches and seeing Raven Symone on Broadway in Sister Act.

While the original is still the best, “Lazy Sunday 2″ has still given us some infectious lyrics we’ll be dropping in the office:

  • The menu changes at 3, we better start jammin’ / I love that brunch more than McAdams loves Channing
  • Dubstep!
  • The plating is cray, I detect sage butter / How you wanna pay, Chris? / Go dutch, motherfu–
  • Sneak in a flask filled with sweet vermouth / We take more shots in the theater than John Wilkes Booth

Yep, got to put these up in my cubicle first thing tomorrow morning.

The smartest thing they did was acknowledge that this was a tribute to the original, and to retread old jokes that landed the first time: Switching out “Matthew Perry” with “That’s So Raven!” and bringing back the “McAdams loves…” joke. As funny as last week’s 100th Digital Short starring Justin Bieber was, “Lazy Sunday 2″ was a much more fitting conclusion to SNL‘s odd little franchise.

But you know what’s incredibly trippy? As BuzzFeed pointed out, the first “Lazy Sunday” came out almost seven years ago. I was sharing that shit with my friends in sophomore year of high school. Whew. I’m gonna miss these.

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