Jim McBride Of ‘Mr. Skin’ Talks Gratuitous Celebrity Nudity In Movies And Which Actress Would Crash His Site

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Sometimes, Reddit AMAs fit Crushable so perfectly that we have to think the mods set them up just for us. That was the case with today’s thread where Jim McBride, creator of the Mr. Skin website that tracks female actresses’ nude scenes in movies and TV, chatted with Redditors about the evolution of his site as well as the importance of celebrity nudity.

What’s impressive about the AMA is that McBride really is an authority on the subject. While I wouldn’t go so far as to rate his knowledge as at the academic level, it’s clear that he has considered the place of nudity in entertainment beyond just a passing amusement for male audiences. And yet, he also threw in plenty of “skin” puns throughout the conversation. You have to love a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Perhaps my favorite answer was when he addressed the concept of gratuitous versus non-gratuitous nudity, i.e., a nude scene that is integral to a movie’s story. McBride’s answer was this:

A good example is Sharon Stone‘s leg cross in Basic Instinct. It gratuitously advanced the plot. It’s inherent to the recklessness and fearlessness of Sharon Stone’s character. Had we not seen The Goods, we would not have been shocked into realizing that she was capable of doing anything to get what she wants.

By contrast, he has several favorite movies that feature no nudity whatsoever: Goodfellas, North By Northwest, All the President’s Men, and The Shawshank Redemption were the ones he listed.

The big question was which female celebrity could really shake things up at Mr. Skin HQ if she were to decide on doing a nude scene. While many Redditors thought Emma Watson would be that ungettable get — remember that 4chan is obsessed with her — McBride revealed that the true game changer would be Mila Kunis.

What’s especially interesting is the notion of how much celebrities play into Mr. Skin now that it’s an institution. One Redditor asked what McBride and co. have to pay for a license, but he answered, “About 75 studios and PR firms send us screeners of DVD’s and blurays regularly.” And here’s a photo to give you an idea of just a fraction of his collection:

Jim McBride Mr. Skin Reddit AMA DVD collection photos

One Redditor had to know, has this job ever gotten McBride any, ahem, “celebrity benefits”?

I met my wife doing this (at a radio party) so I guess I’ve had some benefits…but no, I’ve never banged a celeb!

Most telling, perhaps, is that Mr. Skin has never received a cease-and-desist from celebrities, because they play by the rules and aren’t intrusive like the paparazzi. It’s refreshing, really:

No hate mail. Look…MrSkin.com is a database where we chronicle EVERY female nude scene in the history of film (and underwear and bikini stuff) in a fun and POSITIVE way. Try finding any editorial on our site where we disparage a celeb’s nudity. It doesn’t happen. Also, we don’t hide in trees and take pix of celebs and post them. We only deal in content where an actress WILLINGLY appears. We REVIEW FEMALE NUDITY in film and TV…and have a lot of fun doing (t)it.

See? Another pun. This guy is awesome.

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