Donald Glover Is Going To Be On Season Two Of Girls

Well, that was fast. Not too long after telling Terry Gross that she was excited to work with “actors of color” in Girls‘ second season, Lena Dunham was photographed, well, working on Girls‘ second season with an actor of color. Donald Glover, to be precise, whose work on Community and in various amusing Youtube videos have earned him a cult following. Diversity!

I’m glad the world of Girls is getting more diverse as Lena Dunham gains more confidence that she can write characters who aren’t directly based on herself or her besties (and/or as she scrambles to respond to criticism), and I think Donald Glover is extremely fun to watch–but is he really the best choice for this show? As you can see even in the photo above, his animatedly comedic style of acting might not be the best fit for the realistic, “mumblecore” aesthetic that Girls has, plus it might be distracting that he’s already famous. Then again, that second part is true any time you cast a well-known actor in a new show, and people do get used to it. I’m used to Rory Gilmore on Mad Men already! And as for the show’s aesthetic, well, overly theatrical people who make lots of funny faces do exist out there in the real world. I wonder what kind of part he will play? Personally, I’d love to see Donald and Lena play off each other in whatever kind of “hanging out” type scenario passes for a date in Hannah‘s world.

(Via The New York Post)


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