Chace Crawford Is The Least Plausible Part of What to Expect When You’re Expecting

So Chace Crawford plays Marco and Anna Kendrick plays Rosie. They’re former high school classmates who now run competing food trucks. I know, I know, that’s definitely created by some Rom-Com-meet-cute robot-generator. No one really thinks of things like that, right?

Anyways so Marco and Rosie reunite for one steamy night of sex on top of a car. Cut to their next scene where Rosie tells Marco she’s pregnant and he tells her he’ll support any decision that she makes. Cut to the next scene where he’s proudly laying on her bed and taking photos of her pregnant belly.


We didn’t get to see any of the conversation that went into this life-changing decision. We’re not talking about a married couple who decide to risk it one night by having sex sans condom. We’re talking about two twenty-somethings who own food trucks. Most surely not the most profitable venture. Marco doesn’t even own a car.

I’m not saying Rosie should have run off and gotten an abortion and I’m not saying poor twenty-somethings shouldn’t have babies,  I’m just saying that this plot deserved a scene where they discussed their options as well each of those options’ consequences. All the other couples explored their decision to have a child and how to have a child, but with this couple, the most unlikely couple, they completely skip this crucial scene.

I understand that discussing abortion during a mindless romantic comedy complicates a feel-good movie, but not discussing it at all creates this completely false universe that only exists in Hollywood. It’s 2012. This is a conversation many people would have if they accidentally got pregnant. I would have even accepted a conversation where they both approach the topic and agree that they don’t believe in abortion. At least that would acknowledge that  there are options when someone gets pregnant.

It’s not all “whoops I’m pregnant, now we can happily date and raise this child together.” The movie makes a point of Rosie having two close gal-pal roommates, yet never shows her even discussing this decision to a raise a child with them.

This would have made the movie interesting and this would have made this more than just another pregnancy film where a woman farts her way through pregnancy and screams her way through labor.

An unexpected pregnancy can create major complications in a woman’s life and that’s the kind of complication I want to watch during a movie about motherhood. Sure it’s wonderful to see Marco wholeheartedly embrace this child, but it’s ridiculous to act like he seamlessly made the transition between being a single guy to being an expectant father.

It’s supposed to be a romantic comedy, not a fantasy film.

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