Chace Crawford Is The Least Plausible Part of What to Expect When You’re Expecting

For a completely unoffensive ensemble film based on a pregnancy manual, What To Expect When You’re Expecting turned Chace Crawford into a completely unlikely character with an incredibly nonsensical plot line. In all my years of reading about accidental pregnancy stories in magazines and hearing them from my friends, I’ve never encountered someone like him in real life. In fact, if someone like him existed in real life, accidental pregnancy rom-coms wouldn’t. Because life would be amazing and no woman would ever question her decision to keep her child.

Everyone would happily take pregnancy tests and giggle as they told everyone the results.

“Remember that guy I had drunkenly had sex with last month? Well he knocked me up…and he’s TOTALLY supportive of my decision to keep the baby! Also, I love him! Also let’s not discuss anything like how to pay for this baby or the fact that we had sex once and will now raise a child together. OK! ”

Sound completely implausible? Well that’s the basic plot line for Chace Crawford and Anna Kendrick in the movie. Now I’m about to go spoiler crazy in this review, so if you’re planning to see it you can either save this article to read later or watch any other movie about pregnancy at the same time that Valentine’s Day is playing and you’ll feel like you saw the film.

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