Holy Hangover, Halle Berry Looks Like A Drunk College Student Shopping At CVS

These photos of the usually very well put together Halle Berry shopping at CVS with her daughter Nahla made my hangoverdar buzz like my table at The Cheesecake Factory was ready.

After spending four years at college, I can easily spot a hungover person stumbling through the drugstore in hopes that they’ll find some magical hangover remedy. Instead the hangoveree usually leaves with gatorade, advil and scattered memories of what happened last night.

Halle Berry looks like that in her baggy clothes and her big sunglasses. Because everyone knows that someone suffering from a hangover can’t bear to wear anything form-fitted (or she’ll yak) nor can she handle bright lights (because her head might actually explode). Another tip-off that Halle may be shopping hungover? She’s letting Nahla take charge on this shopping trip.

It’s like when your college roommate insisted you go grocery shopping when all you really wanted to do was get to your friend Mr. Toilet a little better. So you refrained from punching her in the face and agreed to go shopping. But then you got home and looked through the fridge and realized that you didn’t actually buy anything you need or want. Blerg, right!?

Whether or not Halle Berry is actually hungover in these photos, she looks amazing and her skin looks flawless. We should all look that good on our off days.

(Photo: Koi Sojer, PacificCoastNews.com)

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    • Frances

      Oh no! God forbid a woman go out in public not looking her best. That drunken harpy!

      And by the way, she looks great. Does she owe it to the world to have her tits and ass on display at all times, lest she be accused of being hungover? This is a total WTF moment for me.

      • Jenni Maier

        Oh, I completely agree that she looks better than me on an “off” day than I look on a great day. She’s Halle Berry. I just couldn’t help but notice the similarities between her and a hungover college student in this photo.

    • Amy

      Her hair looks awesome, at least.

    • sandie brown

      OMG She looks like and old sick bird, I wish they would stop showing her, she is not talented. She has been always overrated. I rather look at a rat run in and out of a hole.

      • Andre Walker

        Must be talkin about your sex life with tha rat comment…I smell a hater