RIP Donna Summer: Here’s A Video Of The Boy Meets World Guys Dancing To ‘Hot Stuff’

We just keep losing legends: Disco mainstay Donna Summer has passed away after battling cancer. According to TMZ, she had been struggling with her illness in private and at the time of her death was trying to finish recording an album. This woman who my generation probably knew more for her music than her personality proved herself to be strong until the end.

I have no shame in saying that my best memory of Donna Summer involves the ’90s coming-of-age show Boy Meets World. In 5×10 “Last Tango in Philly,” Cory and Shawn don’t want to go dancing with their girlfriends Topanga and Angela, but are then jealous when the girls go out with handsome co-workers instead. After a come-to-Jesus moment with all of the male characters, they surprise their significant others at the club with a rendition of “Hot Stuff.” It’s such a schmaltzy lesson — we just need to listen to our ladies – and yet the scene became one of the series’ classic moments.

RIP, Donna Summer. I’ll always remember your music as what got Feeny to shake his ass on ABC during TGIF.

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