Teresa Giudice Is The New Danielle Staub on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

And this is where the Danielle Staub stuff starts to happen. Suddenly, everybody is ditching the party. Caroline Manzo can’t come. Jacqueline Laurita can’t get a babysitter. And none of the Wakile kids’ friends show up. However, that mystery is quickly cleared up by Rich Wakile. He proudly explains that he told his kids not to invite any of their friends. Why? Because having no friends at the party is better than anyone knowing they’re related to Teresa Giudice.

And after this episode I can see why. I mentioned last week that Teresa has seemed… off this season. Her interactions with her husband, and all other people for that matter, are beyond awkward. And she’s obsessed with her own grand ideas of loyalty. Given the fact that she’s obviously having financial and marital problems, I felt a little bad for her. But after this episode, I can only conclude that Teresa Giudice lives on another planet. She is so far out of touch with reality that she must inhabit a different reality altogether.

At Kathy’s party, Teresa finally sits down with brother Joe Gorga to talk about her fight with Melissa. And much to my surprise, Joe Gorga handles the situation calmly, and dare I say, in a very mature way. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really respected the Gorgas on this episode. When Melissa tells Joe her version of the fight with Teresa, her story is pretty reasonable and accurate. And Joe handles Teresa’s bizarre accusations with real patience. The gist of Teresa’s problem with Joe Gorga? That he spends time with his wife and kids, instead of devoting all of his attention to her. Um, Teresa – that’s what happens when somebody gets married. She’s so delusional that she really feels she has reason to be upset that her brother’s priorities had to shift as they got older.

Despite his grown-up handling of Teresa, Joe Gorga wouldn’t be Joe Gorga without at least one ridiculous one-liner during the episode. So when Teresa called him “the meanest brother ever,” he said, “Don’t say that, Teresa. Because I’m an angel from God.” But you know what? If he’s been putting up with Teresa his whole life, maybe he is an angel. And Melissa took care of Teresa’s kids, while Teresa had her back turned to them playing in the pool, busy complaining to Joe about how Melissa doesn’t act like an aunt to them. 10 points to the Gorga house.

As you can see, we didn’t get a single Joe Gorga sex quote this week. Not one. But surprisingly enough, Caroline Manzo picked up that responsibility. After being surprised with a brand new Jaguar for her anniversary with husband Albert, Caroline said, “I don’t like to talk about my sex life. I’ve got grown children. And listen, I’ve been with this man thirty years, I’m doin’ somethin’ right.” You tell ’em, Caroline.

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    • Jason

      What a nasty article. All of the constant bullying of Teresa is disgusting. For you to join the piling on is unfortunate.

      • gessie

        I totally agree. At this point, they are all kicking her when she is down, it’s horrible to watch and her brother is a POS with an agenda to (his words) make Teresa fall so that Melissa can step on her back on her way to her horrendous singing career. Teresa may not be very articulate, but did you not hear al the mean crap everybody says about her all the time? She is being bullied by the cast and Bravo at this point. It is intolerable. Remember russell.

    • Lisa

      Jason is as delusional as Teresa.

      You nailed it with your explanation of her jealously towards Melissa(younger, prettier and smarter) and why she thinks her brother changed. Yeah, he got married and now has a wife and 3 children of his own. They should always come first.

    • Lilly

      You’ve got to be kidding, Jason. The writer of this article simply retold the facts, and did not “piling on”. Besides, why feel sorry for Teresa?

    • Mary

      Bullying of Teresa?? You must be just as delusional as she is…all Teresa knows how to do is point the finger and turn a blind eye to her and her husbands issues.

    • Rick A.

      You know, when Teresa started crying when she and Joe first sat down to talk, I thought, “you know, maybe she really does care and really does want all of this to stop.” I mean, I really do WANT to like her. But then she opened her mouth and the crazy started coming out — first in a little bits, and then in a continuous flow of verbal vomit. And that ended it for me. She is batsh*t crazy. I don’t know how ANY of them put up with her insanity.

      But the more I really think about it, the more I agree that the #1 reason for her issues is her deadbeat husband. The guy is a complete sleaze and does nothing but feed her head with lies that she quickly and permanently believes. I hope and pray that some day soon she will wake up and realize this.

    • Mary

      plain and simple-the problem here is Joe Guidice. Hope theresa sees that one of these days. probably not gonna happen!

    • Indigo

      I’m not watching RHONJ any longer. I will never forget Joe Gorga calling his sister garbage on national tv the first episode he was on. It’s just gone downhill since the Gorgas and Wakiles went on. It’s not fun to watch anymore.

    • Sineade

      I see something totally different. Teresa is in crisis. Her whole support system has crumbled around her, she is being called everything under the sun by family members and friends, she is struggling to keep up an image which the show has defined for her, her marriage is wavering, she is trying to raise 4 girls (God help her), and she is trying to scratch out a living since her husband’s problems put a huge damper on their lifestyle. We as viewers have no idea about what really goes on behind those front doors, but nontheless I still feel that Teresa has a good heart. Have you seen her on Celebrity Apprentice? She impressed me with her very noticable hard work ethic and her williningness to try to get along with others…..even in those pressure cooker board rooms. Tells me that Teresa is truly a surviver. I don’t think she is bad or looney…. I think she is someone that is trying to find her way back to her family and to her values after having the world of noteriety define what she is or is not.

      • Toni

        It’s hard to feel sorry for a person who condemn others for trying to live their lives their own ways. Sorry, but Teresa wants everyone to feel sorry for her, but everyone forgets that she has been lying to everyone, she has been mean to her sister in law and her brother, yeah we don’t know her or her family well, but we as the viewers can see and hear what’s going on and we can see and hear what exactly Teresa is saying to them and how she is saying it to them, and mind you We the viewers can see how Melissa & Joe Gorga are with Teresa & Joe Guidices, and we can see and hear how Melissa speaks to Teresa and we can see how Teresa treats Melissa even after Melissa has been nice and civil to her, again numerous times. Sorry, I have a sister in law and I don’t put her through any shit like that, she is married to my brother and that’s it, we love her my brother loves her and that is what counts, we don’t try to change her and tell her, “She has to make the family right, she has to be the one”, bitch please we don’t do that I am not married to my brother for me to be acting as if he is my husband and that is what Teresa is doing to her brother, making him feel like shit, making him feel as if he has to take care of Teresa and phuck his family because according to Teresa they don’t count, Teresa is mean she has been mean to Melissa in every way, even down to the kids, come on now we the viewers saw what happen exactly, Melissa’s kids are to have a play date with Teresa’s kids and yeah it was to be early, but as usual Teresa has her own plans and that was to get there late, knowing how the kids are and very impatience, Teresa couldn’t do the shit early and as Melissa said it is only 10 minutes away and yet Teresa gets there late, it shows that Teresa only thinks of herself, come on now, everyone knows Joe Gorga told the truth, that is his sister and he knows what really happen especially since she has been on the show, Teresa is all about herself now, and she is jealous that Melissa would take the spot away from her, that is all and with all that plus what has happen in the past has escalated to the extreme, but don’t think it was all Melissa & Joe Gorga, because it wasn’t. It’s time for the writers to get the facts straight.

    • KAREN

      I don’t get this show anymore…it is ok for them all to talk about Joe (Ts husband) but not ok for Teresa to discuss Melissa. And is ok to speculate that Joe would cheat on Teresa but not for her to say OK well what about Melissa cheating on you? Teresa is the only one trying to difuse anything, the only one trying to drop it all, these people have nothing interesting in their life by Teresa to discuss. Get Real Here..the only one working, doing business and making a living is Teresa…the others need to get a life!

      • Toni

        Really?!? What show were you looking at? Sorry, but Teresa is the person that has started this whole fiasco. This woman can’t see anyone else making something for themselves or their families, sorry, but Teresa is not the only that could benefit this whole deal, hmmm, there are other housewives that has established some sort of income, business for them, so Teresa shouldn’t be the only one to do it, so let’s move on. Teresa from the beginning didn’t want Melissa & Joe Gorga to come on the show, she knew people would like Melissa and if you were really watching the show and not be bias, you can see how it really went down and how is it that everyone is wrong but not Teresa & Joe Guidice? Right there just tells me you being bias or just don’t know anything, you see the real deal, but refuse to believe you rather believe the lies like Teresa.

      • Johncnnj

        Teresa can discuss Melissa, but she should not speculate. What is being discussed about Joe has made the press (and OFTEN) prior to his legal issues – the meetings at restaurants with odd women including his brother’s ex Davana Medina and the various pictures of the woman he cuddling up to at TGI Fridays in Clifton whilst Teresa was at the Posche fashion show.

        So… What Teresa might say about Melissa is SPECULATIVE. What has been said about Joe Giudice is fact (Fact that he has been out with other women, anyhow).

        Teresa is dilusional and whilst her brother might have called her garbage out of anger, the words used by Teresa’s husband toward members of Teresa’s family are not out of anger. They are out of hatred. AND, she agrees with him – (if you don’t speak out then de facto, you are in agreement).

        Give them all a decade. They will all be a bad memory – IF that much. However, I assure you Teresa will no longer be married to Joe and her daughters will be insufferable teenagers.

    • Toni

      Wow!! All of you are delusional!! Teresa is the bully. Teresa is the liar. Teresa is the one that has started lots of rumors about her brother & sister in law way before coming to the show, of course due to her husband Joe Guidice, these two people are just very insecured stupid people, they came on the show they were cool at first, but like with anything their head got too big for the screen. Teresa has been this way for a long time, she is more so than ever due to being on the show and from that she continues to bash her family, her brother, her sister in law, she twist every words that comes out of her mouth, I’m sorry, but not everyone can be wrong and Teresa is the only one who is nice and being bully, really? That is so stupid, and you all know it. Teresa doesn’t know how to be nice to others, she is mean, she is very selfish, she is indeed very insecured of herself that she has bring down the others, she has to tear them apart for no reason only because she is so jealous of her younger sister in law, and having an idiot for a husband, Joe Guidice, Teresa is more incline to be so stupid to believe an idiot with his antics, but all of you keep thinking that it was Joe & Melissa Gorga doings, keep thinking that everyone is wrong and that Teresa is the good one, Teresa never talked about anyone, Teresa doesn’t bully anyone in regards to friendship, you keep believing that it is kool to bully your friends to being only your friend and if not then she won’t be yours and that you are the mean one, really? So, all of you idiots here thinks Teresa is the good one the smart one the one who is the one to feel sorry for, go on and be the idiot, sorry folks I know the truth and I don’t like haters and that is what Teresa is a hater, an idiot, a liar, she never tells any truth to her stories, but you all keep believing her, that’s ok, we know there are idiots in the world that refuse to learn and see what is the truth.

    • lisa

      Teresa is so far gone from reality it aint even funny; im no melissa advocate but Teresa is delusional. She doesn’t see past herself and in her eyes her husband can do no wrong; he is so gross!

    • NYBoy

      Teresa is a nutcase, though the others aren’t far behind as far as I’m concerned. Who says, and does the kind of things these people do? And more often than not, in front of their children? I get it. Most need the money and hence put up with the degredation, and humiliation of having their shortcomings, lack of intellect and shallowness exposed on national television. Fine; their choice to make, and mine whether or not to watch. And obviously, I did see the most recent episode. Teresa should have been booted off this show long ago; she reminds me a lot of Ramona on RHONY (who wasn’t fired during the last housecleaning, for some bizarre reason). Both are shrill, beyond delusional, and frankly, difficult to watch for very long.

    • Tazzman1

      I so want to point out a few things about Teresa that I wonder if anyone else has noticed? First, don’t most marriages put their spouses before their siblings once their married? Doesn’t sound like Teresa does this since she was so admit about Joey not telling his wife what she said about Melissa. My huband and I tell each other everything! Also, at the reunion, she kept screaming at Caroline that she was “Being REAL!” but yet, she can’t say on camera that Joe went to “J-A-I-L!” She got mad at the fairy party because Melissa and the other ladies were saying he went to jail vs. “going away”. Teresa you are SOOOOOOOOOOOO FAKE!!!! Third, during the argument with her brother at the Walkike pool party, she screamed “my husband has NEVER talked bad about you” to her brother. However, it is on camera that they night he got drunk and did a kartwheel in his foyer of his own house and chipped his tooth, Joe u said and I quote – “I couldn’t stand your brother and I couldn’t stand you either Teresa before we got married” So helloooooo…….Joe Guidice DOES talk LOTS of Crap about Joe Gorga! Get a crip Teresa! Your a lier, fake, and you need to appologize to EVERYONE on camera and learn to humble yourself! EVERYTHING is NOT a…… “Ha Ha Joke!” Your being a total bitch just to get your name in the papers and help TV ratings – Karma is a bitch ad you will get yours!

    • KiKi

      The bottom line is Teresa is jealous of Melissa! She can’t stand that Melissa lives a good life and is a good person and that everyone on the show likes her and her husband Joe. Talking to Teresa is like talking to a wall. Her favorite line is ” I don’t get it?” She’s boarder line illiterate and completely in denial of entire life! She’s the one who needs a lobotomy!

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    • Morgaine

      I want to feel bad for Teresa because I think she was completely blind-sided by the bankruptcy and everything that followed. She really believed they had tons of money and always would, and she was having fun on the show, being her fabulous self, then her skeevy husband showed up one night with bankruptcy papers and her life went to hell in front of the whole world. Most women would head straight to a divorce attorney, but Tre is old-school Italian so she’s trying to put on a brave face and stand by her man. Unfortunately, her man is a creepy little crook on a mission to self-destruct, and he takes all his anger out on Teresa, at least verbally and emotionally. I thought long ago that he was cheating on her, and he has no problem humiliating her now, so he’s stopped being discreet. I just wish Tre felt like there was someone she could lean on. I honestly think at this point that she and the girls would be better off with Joe out of the house.

    • Krinkle D

      Joe Juicy is a hot mess

    • haigurl

      teresa is actually the most pathetic, oblivious person i’ve ever heard of. uneducated people make uneducated choices