Jon Gosselin Officially Has No Future As A Reality Star: He DJed A Middle School Prom

Jon Gosselin DJ middle school prom rock bottomI’m having a bad day — a million little trivial things pissing me off — but then I saw this photo and realized that my life will never be as bad as Jon Gosselin‘s. Divorcing Kate Gosselin has not been kind to his reality TV career, as he’s been spotted… DJ’ing a middle school prom. Amazing.

RadarOnline obtained some amazing photos of Jon and new girlfriend Liz Jannetta making this Saturday night unforgettable for a bunch of 14-year-olds. He made sure to clarify, via tweet, that he was helping out Liz, a part-time DJ:

here with gf, Liz. She is djing for Prom. Company is HiTech. Just saying.

me either-but had tons of fun. Kids were great. Hopefully i can come back some time. Shout out to the 8th graders @ Pottsville

But the photos show the truth: Jon has hit rock bottom, and now the media caught him. I mean, giving shout-outs to eighth graders? Oh, and then you have Radar interviewing a pint-sized source for more deets on DJ Gosselin: The kid said, “He played Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Rihanna and he took requests. He was nice and I had a good time.” Thank God they had someone on the inside to find out how the night really went.

This post should just be added to the Urban Dictionary entry for schadenfreude right now, because I can’t stop laughing.

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    • Mimz

      Man this guy can’t get a break. If he tries doing anything for tv he’s a fame whore! If he just tries to live a normal life he’s hit rock bottom? So mean!

      • celestine

        Agreed…what does people want from Jon? …he’s trying to make a living do something compared to his ex wife Kate…she thinks that she’s too good to go back to nursing as she calls it “Medicore”. Normal life is what Jon want along with his children…and people say he’s hit rock bottom? People just can’t make up their mind how they like to see people in general. Jon’s living a normal life just like the rest of us…leave him the hell alone…he’s helping out his girl friend to DJ for a middle school prom for peep sake. This is more than enough normal. I’m glad the kids loved him.

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