A Fanfiction Author Trolled E.L. James By Rewriting Fifty Shades Of Grey As A Hermione/Draco Fanfic

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First off, thank you to everyone who commented on Friday’s post about Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James rejecting the Twilight fandom back when she was Snowqueens Icedragon! I heard from Snowqueens’ peers in fandom, with accounts both defending and deriding her, not to mention links to other articles and work that provide more context for this controversy. I’m still working through the comment thread to continue the conversation, but in the meantime I wanted to share something hilarious that a reader sent to me last week.

This past March, fanfic author somethingnew89 published a story in Fanfiction.net’s Harry Potter section called 50 Shades of Malfoy. In the author’s note, she (I’m assuming, since most fic writers are female) wrote,

This story is the work of E.L James and her trilogy 50 Shades of Grey. I recently read the books and thought that the original characters would do so well as Dramione. So this is not my work I’m just admiring someone else’s great idea and using Draco and Hermione instead.

And the fic… is 50 Shades of Grey, but with Christian and Anastasia replaced with Draco and Hermione. Aside from a few other name changes, it’s a word-for-word copy of Snowqueens’ original Twilight fic Master of the Universe—down to being set in Washington.

It’s utterly hilarious. Such a brief bit of parody that took no time but hit home for the Twilight fandom: There’s a debate in the comments between people who praise somethingnew89 for clearly mocking E.L. James’ questionable rise to fame, and those who accuse the author of plagiarizing Fifty Shades of Grey—even though this exercise shows that at most somethingnew89 copied a fanfic that itself should have very little protection since it’s a derivative work. Plus, she gave all credit to James/Snowqueens; she never pretended like anything in here was original.

Most tellingly, this sharp little joke got E.L. James’ attention. On April 14, Snowqueens Icedragon — who has removed all of her fics from Ff.n — commented on the ficThis is my story that you are plagiarising. Please remove it. Funny how she says nothing else, and how she used the screen name that she dropped in order to be known in the mainstream as E.L. James.

Unfortunately, somethingnew89 hasn’t updated the fic since April 1 (interesting timing), and the joke may be played out. Too bad, since we didn’t even get to see Draco Malfoy tie up Hermione Granger and have his way with her. How ever will we be able to experience those hot sex scenes?

Oh, right.

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    • KB/KT Grant

      The irony of a fic writer who published her fan fic & calls plagiarism on another fan fic author for plagiarizing her fan fic… I’m dizzy now.

      Inception come to life.

      • light4dawn

        I love this comment! It made me laugh as much as the article did!

      • Dizzy wizzy

        LOL! That was a good one, KB/KT Grant.

    • Anna

      Now, if somethingnew89 pulls this fic and publishes it, who does it belong to?

    • A.

      Hah, I would embed the spinning top gif here if I thought I could.

      This woman has a lot of nerve. That’s for damn sure. And pretty much zero self-awareness.

      And thank you for being one of the few blogs to focus on what these “books” truly are. It’s unfortunate some of the bigger blogs don’t care and continually post legitimizing it and jumping on every ancillary rah rah issue people can come up with to make sure people don’t focus on Erika Leonard’s theft.

    • credoroza

      Priceless! Made my whole day. I even posted a review!!

    • fruitmuffin

      “I’ve got several more good ideas but how do you follow this? I’ve set the bar quite high in terms of storytelling”

      -E.L. James in USA Today

      That quote above explains a lot in my opinion

    • IC

      Wow, Erika Leonard is SUCH a hypocrite. The nerve! It can be argued that the stuff being “plagiarized” by somethingnew89 is the fanfic, not the book, and fanfic is not copyrightable so she is not breaking the law. Being that 50 shades is almost the exact same thing as the original fanfic, things start getting complicated but then again she’s only doing an ironic commentary. The people posting that she’s a plagiarizer just don’t get it… don’t they see what’s really going on? Erika (EL James) is one shady character.

    • Lao

      There is a Spanish saying that goes : When a Thief steals from another thief …he gets a sentence of 100 years of forgiveness.
      Ow can you point fingers when you did the same ..oh well this Fifty madness isn’t going to end

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    • court

      LOL…her getting mad about plagiarism? When that’s exactly what she did to Stephenie Meyer?! ROFL.

    • http://twitter.com/itz_liz Elizabeth Barra

      E.L. James, you’re just mad at the fact that someone made your book better than you did.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=30501690 Meredith Sweet

      Oh, this is beautiful. E.L. James has no rights whatsoever asking people to take fanfic of her fanfic down anymore than the author of that forthcoming tripe “Devil’s Brand” does. Surprisingly enough, I’d say Stephenie Meyer has the most luck here, if she were to halt publication of more Fifty Shades books or bad derivatives thereof. Twilight may be a piece of crap writing, but it still had some modicum of originality to it, compared to these fanfics that try to be something they’re not.

      I’m a fic writer myself, and I’m of the opinion that E.L. James and Casea Major have both violated one of the unspoken rules of fanfic: don’t ever try to publish it without MAJOR revisions. Major meaning more than changing the names of people and places. Don’t try to make money off of work that you are knowingly aware is NOT YOUR OWN.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kara.noir.353 Kara Noir

        I totally agree.
        I don’t mind a writer changing their fan fic into original but they have to do more than search-relace names. I am planning on re-writing some of my own fan fic, but I plan to make it so different from the original that it can’t be recognized as fan fic. That way when I do tell people it’s based off a fan fic story, it’d be a neat little did-bit of information and nothing more.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kara.noir.353 Kara Noir

      That is the best thing Ever!!!!
      Honestly, if James can do it than why not other people? and it’s not plagiarism, it’s parody which is technically protected under copy write law. So no, the Dramione fic doesn’t have to be taken down.

      And no James is a horrible writer. I don’t even think she knows what she’s doing. Not to mention that everything she does is what everyone learns NOT TO DO in school. if anything, she has let people know that they can write horrible books, and unsuspecting readers will think it’s the best thing ever.