Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Have Adopted Yet Another Dog

It’s been less than two weeks since Miley Cyrus rescued a tiny adorable puppy she dubbed Happy from outside a Walmart, and she and Liam Hemsworth have already added another dog to their ever expanding pack.

Happy, who was introduced to the world on Twitter, brought their pooch count to four joining Lila, Floyd, and Ziggy. The latest addition, Mary Jane, was given her Twitter debut yesterday, and her presence means the couple is now caring for five dogs.

Miley seems to be taking her responsibility to her adorable brood seriously, and her puppies are grateful for their new home. In honor of Mother’s Day she tweeted, “Just got my first Mothers Day Card :) proud mama to Lila, Floyd, Ziggy, Happy, and Mary Jane.” I hope the card includes paw print signatures.

It’s great that Miley and Liam are giving a home to so many dogs in need, but since they are adopting so many, I think they owe it to the rest of us who will only ever have the space or money for one or two puppies to give them themed names. Three boys and two girls means they could easily be named after Liam and Miley’s favorite Hunger Games or Disney characters, depending on which one wants to pay tribute to their career roots more. They’re really missing an opportunity here.

Photo: (Twitter)

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