Crushable Quotable: It Looks Like Mr. Schuester Has A Dark Side

As the almost obnoxiously optimistic choir director on Glee the scariest thing Matthew Morrison can do is try to rap. But Matthew wants everyone to know that he’s a multi-faceted actor who doesn’t want to play grinning teachers forever. In fact if he gets his way he could be starring in the next big slasher flick.

Matthew explained to More! magazine, “My dream role would be anything away from Mr. Schuester at this point. I really want to do something dark, like being a serial killer.” While wanting to avoid being typecast is an understandable desire for an actor looking towards the future after a break-out role, there are a lot of character types that separate Mr.Schuester and a mass murderer. Unless of course Glee flashes twenty years into the future, revealing New Directions has never won nationals, and Mr.Schuester, just a year from retirement, kills every member of their rival show choirs.

Matthew also has some interesting thoughts about potential celebrity guest stars for Glee, specifically a love interest for Sue. He revealed, “I would love to see Elton John on the show and have him start dating Sue Sylvester!” I’m not sure if that pairing would be incredibly awkward or amazing, but I’d be all for it if it inspired a Elton John episode. New Directions really needs to sing “Benny and the Jets.”

Photo: (Wambie)

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