The Daily WTF: I’m Hoping This Gay-Ranting Old Lady Is The Worst Person In Nebraska

This crazy gay-ranting old lady from Nebraska is WTF-worthy just from the line:

‘Lesbians and gays rarely live past forty years old because it is common for a partner to do away with them or they self-inflict.’

But that’s just in the first minute and a half, and she’s got almost four more to go.

The video is from a hearing addressing anti-LGBT legislation in Lincoln, Nebraska and I have never seen anything more ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous that if The Onion were to post something similar, I would’ve dismissed it as too unrealistic. But this woman is a trouper. She doesn’t feel the need to confine her homophobia within the bounds of human reason or fact, making up statistics left and right and throwing out statements such as:

“A high percent of gay men in school grounds molest boys…partly because they don’t have AIDS yet.”

Well that’s weird, lady, you didn’t cite any facts or studies or anything. But you’re saying it out loud, so I’ll accept it as fact. You’re obviously not a bigoted, clinically insane old lady, and all of your statements are completely grounded in reality.

Most of her speech I can’t even reproduce here because it’s so deranged and disgusting. But I encourage you to watch the whole thing because it’s horrifying, and people need to be aware that this level of ignorance exists in the world.

Also be sure to check out the youngish guy losing his mind behind her throughout her speech. He’s obviously a homo orgier who likes to watch people perish, and our hearts go out to him.


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    • Nancy

      WOWWW….. She wasn’t even forming sentences half of the time. I’m really glad that guy was sitting right behind her lol wowwww