Cutegreggator: Animal Moms And Babies Will Make You Poop Your Pants From Cuteness

This is it. This is my masterpiece.

In honor of Mothers’ Day, we have compiled probably the most adorable collection of baby animals and their mommy animals that I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating when I say I literally could not control myself as I searched for images. My office-mates can attest to the fact that as soon as I did the preliminary search for “animal moms”, my first response was, “Oh my god, I’m gonna poop my pants.” Luckily for you, I didn’t. But there’s still time, as I plan on looking through this gallery approximately forty-eight more times.

So do yourself a favor and have a looksie. Just be warned: this is the Olympics of Cute. This…is the Cute Hunger Games. Twenty species from across the globe have sent their cutest moms and babies to duel themselves into adorable sleep in an epic battle of cuteness. Who will emerge victorious? You decide.

So come on in…oh and now might be a good time to inform your cubicle mate that you’re going to spend the next ten minutes making audible ‘OHMYGODSOCUTE’ noises.

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