You’ll Never Guess Which Glee Kids Are Almost As Old As Mr. Schue

how old is Cory Monteith Mark Salling Harry Shum Jr. Matthew Morrison Glee 30

Today is Cory Monteith‘s birthday, which wouldn’t be too big of an event in and of itself… except that he’s turning 30. Is anyone else freaked out by this? I know that teen shows have been utilizing Dawson Casting since the ’90s, but I kind of assumed that part of Ryan Murphy‘s shtick was that he’d plucked these age-appropriate unknowns out of obscurity to play talented high schoolers. You know, to make things as uber-genuine as the kids sweetly singing “Stronger” or whatever pop song.

Cory’s not the only old fogey in the cast: Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) also hit the big 3-0 recently, and Mark Salling (Puck) is 29. So weird! Compounding the wtf-ness is that Matthew Morrison, who plays glee club coach Mr. Schue, is only 33. And this is the guy who got his start playing Link Larkin on Broadway in Hairspray.

For the record, the ladies of Glee – Jane Lynch excepted, of course – seem to have a median age of 26. We can’t make heads or tails of it, so enjoy this .gif:

Glee Mr. Schue Puck Finn .gif

Photo: Vulture / .gif: TV Recappers Anonymous

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