The Many Ways ONE Crushable Commenter Wants Me To Die

*Look for the following names: James, JoeChief, Jack Frost, Miss Common Sense, Skyver, 1D Fan, Facepalm Response, Jacksonville USA, Bowisanidiot and Jam.*

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Today’s Feel Good News Brought To You By Britney Spears

Rihanna Posts Make-Up Free Photo, Making Us Wonder If They’re The New Nude Photo

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    • Amy

      Yay I’m featured in the article as a slight hero! I’m on your side Jenni

      I suspected it was all the same person, but who has that much time? A crazy person that’s who. I did warn you they/he was so obsessed they/he might try to make a coat of your skin.

      • Jenni Maier

        I burn very easily so jokes on him if he wants to make a coat of my skin.

    • Quinn

      ummmm I am in love with this website. I just found it… and I am hooked. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you!!!

      • Jenni

        Well now we’re in love with you! Thanks for reading and commenting and being our new best friend!

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