The Ironic Mustache Necklace Gets Replaced With The Geekier Hunger Games Seneca Crane Beard Necklace

Seneca Crane beard necklace The Hunger Games JacquieLongLegs DIY

If you needed any indication that geek culture is intensely mainstream, look no further than this Seneca Crane beard necklace created by DIY blogger JacquieLongLegs. As Jacquie explains, the ironic mustache necklace (modeled by Selena Gomez while dancing to “Call Me Maybe” in this video) trend beloved by the kidlets is not going away anytime soon, so she figured she’d put a geeky spin on it by conjuring up only the most important facial hair in the zeitgeist right now:

Seneca Crane beard DIY necklace JacquieLongLegs The Hunger Games

Jacquie’s description of The Hunger Games also cracks me up:

Seneca has a pretty clutch job, considering he came a long way from being the creepy camcorder kid from American Beauty. It seems like all you have to do to be him is rock this stylized five o’clock shadow, parachute Bengay to injured bitches in the forest, and sometimes chillax with Donald Sutherland in a topiary garden.  Let’s do this. Let’s be him, minus the death-by-forest-berry part.

The process toward making your very own Seneca beard is incredibly straightforward—all you need is the stencil template, some pleather and felt, and a hot glue gun. Then you can go and reenact that scene with Katniss shooting an arrow through the pig! Except ironically, because come on.


Photos: JacquieLongLegs

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