Based On Only This Photo, I Will Say That Jamie Lynn’s Daughter Maddie Looks Completely Normal

Ever since Jamie Lynn Spears announced her teen pregnancy back in 2007, I worried about her daughter. Sure, baby Maddie Briann Aldridge would want for nothing material-wise. But could a teen Spears raise a child right? After watching the complete public meltdown of Jamie Lynn’s older sister Britney Spears in 2007, I feared that Maddie would grow up in an unstable family.

However over the past few years, the Spears women proved that they’re much more capable than anyone really believed. After her breakdown, Britney hit rock bottom and pulled her life together. And after getting pregnant, Jamie Lynn left the spotlight and moved back home to raise her daughter.

She successfully kept herself and Maddie out of the tabloids as the baby grew up and it looks like raising her away from the public eye worked. Maddie looks completely well-adjusted and normal.

Now I’m only saying that based on this one photo of the almost four-year-old. But sometimes a photo can speak a thousand words. Do you know how long it would take me to write a 1000 words? A lot longer than it will take you to just look at this family photo.

So take a look right now. Maddie looks healthy and happy and pretty cute. Hopefully she continues looking that way for a long time.

Good job Jamie Lynn!

See the rest of the photos right here at the Daily Mail.

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