Kim Kardashian Hops On The Gluten-Free Bandwagon Like It’s Some Trendy Fad Diet

Surprise, surprise, I have a bone to pick with Kim Kardashian and her trendy new gluten-free diet.

I’ll start at the beginning. A few weeks ago, Miley Cyrus was photographed looking skinnier than usual and was hit with criticism from the media, who speculated that anorexia or another eating disorder might be the cause of her weight-loss. Miley denied those rumors, defending herself by announcing via her Twitter that she has a gluten and lactose allergy. Oh, man. That’s really unfortunate. I feel bad for Miley, because those are two life-changing allergies to have. As anyone with a food allergy of any kind can tell you, they require constant awareness and diligence, as many products contain ingredients that you might not expect, with the potential to trigger an allergy and seriously endanger your health, and in some cases, your life.

However. After that tweet, Miley added a subsequent tweet about her gluten-free lifestyle’s positive effects on her skin, physical, and mental health; odd concerns for someone supposedly adjusting to two new allergies. She even encouraged her followers to try ‘no gluten for a week’, triggering suspicions that the allergy was fabricated to cover the fact that the actress is trying out what she thinks of as a new ‘fad diet’.

Cut back to the present. Kim Kardashian — also via Twitter — has announced that she, too, is gluten-free, and that it’s what makes her body like totally super slammin’, which she proved by posting this picture of herself in lingerie…

…from 2010.

That’s a good point, Kim. I can see how starting a fad diet today had a really crucial effect on your blond, bondage-y lingerie body two years ago. But even aside from that ridiculousness — and it is ridiculous — can we all just take a moment to remind ourselves (and these celebrities) that for most people, going gluten-free isn’t a choice, or a trendy way to lose a few pounds. It’s a necessity that arises based on a very serious condition called ‘Celiac disease’ which is thought to affect as many as 1 in 105 people in the United States. It’s not a fun trendy virus that helps you lose weight. It’s a disease, and it’s serious enough that May is actually Celiac Awareness Month. Not kidding. Nice work, Kim, way to be on-trend.

So in honor of the month, here’s some quick awareness realtalk for you: if you are lucky enough (!!) to suffer from this disease, any time you consume gluten, it attacks and eats the lining of your small intestine in a really sexy, trendy way. You get lots of fun symptoms that you can read all about on Wikipedia. Ooh also! You get to bring your own soy sauce to restaurants and eat more expensive/less delicious versions of normal food that everyone will be extra jealous of. And you get to do it forever! There is no cure for or defense against Celiac disease, so your only option is a lifelong avoidance of gluten. Which sounds really fun to me and I’m sure is basically the same thing as depriving yourself of delicious bread to lose ten pounds in ten days, like Kim’s been bragging about.

Interestingly, gluten-free diets haven’t even been cited by doctors as particularly beneficial for weight-loss, and some have even said they recommend against going gluten-free unless you have a condition that requires it. If you do happen to be gluten-free, or are considering cutting it out to try to lose weight, this article by BlissTree is very informative and helpful to read before you do anything drastic.

Ultimately, everyone is in charge of their own health, and welcome to try as many or as few ‘fad diets’ as they want. But I’m just up on my soapbox about this because as celebrities, I feel like Miley and Kim have a responsibility to disseminate accurate information and respect the fact that their rich-girl fad diet is the rest of the world’s…serious medical condition.

Alright. Super serious post over. Somebody send me a video of a kitten snuggling a penguin so I can rest my brain for a second.

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    • Katrina

      I really am not a fan of the Kardashians and am not defending them, but didn’t she recently say she has psoriasis? I’ve been battling psoriasis since I was a kid and eliminating wheat products has helped with my skin issues, joint swelling, and overall symptoms. Perhaps this was her motivation for going gluten free. Or maybe she’s still just an attention whore.

    • Gluten Dude

      Spot on post (and funny too!) I’ve ranted multiple times on celebrities going gluten free, especially the attention-whore Miss Kardashian.

    • Amy

      I went gluten free for about 3 months to see if it affected chronic migraines in any way. Didn’t make much of a difference for me, but it does for some people. Gluten doesn’t necessarily ONLY affect people with Celiac disease.

    • Sue

      Good god. Who cares celebrity or not who the fuck are you to tell someone what to eat or not? Get off your self righteous high- horse. You prob love Obama too. SMH