The Movie Critic Kid Meme Will Make Your Monday

Ugh, Mondays. They’re totally the worst right? It’s all like “be productive” and “set an alarm” and “stop Facebook stalking your ex’s new girlfriend’s Cinco De Mayo photo album even though we call agree she looks horrible in a sombrero.”

That’s why I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the Movie Critic Kid meme. It combines the horribleness of predictable movie rewiews and the magic of an adorable kid photo.

Yesterday Reddit user EvilXeslana uploaded this photo of his (or her…we don’t know) son waiting for the Barney Live show. Within seconds it became clear that this child’s photo was asking for a meme. And so thanks to the power of Reddit, Movie Critic Kid was conceived, born and distributed within hours. Seriously, this all happened 11 hours ago. It took 16,000 times longer for Jessica Simpson to birth her child.

So with no further ado, meet the Movie Critic Kid. He’s the underage version of the ridiculous photogenic guy. So prepare to love him just as much.

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    • Jess

      So cute! Bet he has no idea he’s about to be Internet famous.

    • Tracy

      That’s my Grandson!!!