What’s Up With Lindsay Lohan Hanging Out With Older Influential Directors?

Lindsay Lohan Woody Allen Steven Spielberg wtfHere’s a wtf moment from the weekend: Lindsay Lohan was spotted dining out with Woody Allen in New York City, with paparazzi catching this photo of the two leaving the restaurant Philippe. (He looks miserable, but I think that’s more his default expression than LiLo’s company.) That in and of itself isn’t too weird: She and the To Rome with Love director met on New Year’s Eve and crossed paths at the amfAR Gala recently. Much as we like to pretend that Hollywood is an adult version of the high-school cafeteria, there’s probably a fair amount of overlap between failed stars and acclaimed directors.

So, maybe it’s an isolated incident. Except for the incredibly odd news story from last week involving Lindsay and another distinguished director: Steven Spielberg, who allegedly sought Lindsay out at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and gushed, “I feel like a kid, because I’m so excited to meet you.”

What the what?! Since when is Lindsay worth either of these guys’ time? Again, I sort of get the Woody Allen thing: She’s probably trying to replace Scarlett Johansson as his nubile young muse. But what kind of voodoo is she trying to work on Spielberg? A part in Indiana Jones 5? The only explanation for him chatting with her at the White House was a) he was being ironic, or b) his daughter Sasha asked him to talk to Lindsay. (Though she’s more accomplished than LiLo…)

Regarding her dinner date with Woody, Lindsay’s reps would say only, “They had dinner together [Saturday] in New York. Lindsay very much admires Mr. Allen.” How coy. She’s obviously up to no good.

Photo: Splash News Online

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