Video: Drake Crashes A Weeknd Show, Makes Everyone Scream So Much

This past weekend in Los Angeles, Drake upstaged everyone’s favorite mopey Canadian R&B act The Weeknd (a.k.a. Abel Tesfaye) by making a surprise appearance onstage with him. As you can imagine, there was much scream-y rejoicing.

As The Weeknd is still an up-and-coming (although rapidly ascendant) artist, and the venue was relatively small (miniscule for DRAKE), his appearance was essentially groupie pay dirt, as you can see by the crowd’s excited reactions. He stayed and rapped on two songs, and the cell phones stayed out for the whole entire time. This has since set off an amusing debate on Youtube between those who are like “put away your cell phones” and those who smartly point out that if it weren’t for cell phones at concerts, there would be no Drake Youtube video for us all to watch. Which is fair, but doesn’t make me any less annoyed when I’m actually at a concert and people can’t put their phones down for one second.

This video is also notable for how much fans love The Weeknd even before Drake comes on, singing along with his vaguely emo-sogynistic songs even when his lyrics state explicitly that “this ain’t no fucking sing along.” At least no one’s tattooed “The Weeknd” on their forehead yet.

(Via Vulture)

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