It’s Hard To Take Christopher Meloni Seriously As A True Blood Vampire

Christopher Meloni True Blood Roman fangs first lookEver since he stopped playing Detective Stabler on Law & Order: SVU, we’ve been jonesing for some Christopher Meloni on our TV screens. So when we heard the news months ago that he would be joining the True Blood cast as super-old vampire Roman, we thought: Perfect! However, the first look at his character has ebbed some of our enthusiasm.

Over the weekend, a teaser went out showing Roman participating in some sort of blood ritual with a younger female vampire and a bunch of folks in Opus Dei-type robes. (That seems to match up with the True Blood wiki’s assertion that Roman has inducted several important members of the Vampire Authority, including Rosalyn Harris.) He uses some cool-looking knife to cut his wrist and offer up a drop to the woman; then he removes his hood and bares his fangs at us.

JustJared caught a good snapshot of Meloni’s vamp face, and it just… looks cheesy. Maybe it’s just me, but here he looks like a cartoonish Dracula figure, not one of the fearsome vamps we know prowl through Bon Temps and the South at large.

Of course, this is based on a two-second shot—we’ll reserve full judgment for when True Blood season 5 starts up on June 10th. Especially if Roman is naked.

Photo: JustJared

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    • Mimz

      I hope this season is better than last!

    • Leanne

      Here’s an idea: Wait and watch his performance before making half-assed, snarky judgements.

    • Nadia

      Leanne, you are so right. The teaser was more than 2 seconds so it look as if the author judged Chris’s character from the screenshot rather than the teaser, which is just odd.

    • SUSAN

      the screen cap may look cheesy, but when you see it in context in the whole video clip–omg–I’m counting down the days until the new season begins. Don’t judge a vampyr by a single screenshot. Meloni is going to be bringing real heat to Bon Temps this summer.

    • Benson

      If you really liked Chris Meloni in all the years he did Law & Order then why are you so quick to slam him when he gets something else-especially something as amazing as True blood? And over a screenshot at that? You didn’t even watch the episode yet. Personally, I’m a big fan of his from L&O and he really entertained me with that series. I am going to support his endeavors. I WANT him to get more work. It’s like you are trying to turn people off from watching him in TB? If that’s what you’re up[ to then say so, but don’t call yourself a fan because that’s just funny.

      Why did I say not to call yourself his fan? Because you are slamming him without even giving the man a chance with this new material. Leave Stabler alone XD