Today’s Feel Good News Story Brought To You By Britney Spears

While everyone else slept off their Cinco De Mayo hangovers yesterday and tried to remember why those last tequila shots seemed like a good idea, the one and only Britney Spears worked hard to make a 9-year-old cancer patient’s dream come true. Ryan Kennedy’s currently battling cancer and his biggest wish right now is to make #RyanKennedy trend on Twitter.

After B. Spears heard this news, she tweeted out the following in hopes that her 16,375,154 Twitter followers could help make it happen.

Her fans immediately started retweeting and tweeting in an effort to make #RyanKennedy trend. Other celebs, including Adam Lambert and Shannen Doherty, joined in and hopefully with their help #RyanKennedy will be trending worldwide by tonight.

It’s definitely possible and we’re going to assume that all our wonderfully kind Crushable readers will tweet #RyanKennedy today. It only takes two seconds to help make a sick kid’s dream come true.

Not only are we happy that Brit jumped on this cause, but we’re happy to see celebrities using their incredible star power for good. All too often, they’re using it to promote themselves, to create controversy and to ensure that their drama will land them tabloid cover stories. And as much as we feed into all that news and gossip on a daily basis, we still appreciate when the quality celebs step forward to do something like this.

It took Britney Spears 30 seconds to start a movement. One tweet and suddenly the world was aware of #RyanKennedy and his wish. Can you imagine if one powerful celeb did that every single day. If one A-Lister took a minute to work toward solving a problem. While global issues obviously can’t be solved with one retweet, smaller issues, like making #RyanKennedy trend, can be addressed with Twitter.

I think celebrities sometimes forget that with their amazing star power, comes responsibility to do something positive. Whether that’s tweeting about a charity and asking all followers to donate 1 dollar (16 million followers = 16 million dollars) or bringing light to a rare condition that needs more media attention or even speaking up about their beliefs, their 140 characters can actually make a difference in the world.

Most people can’t say that about anything they post online. So let’s support celebrities when they do the right thing.  And you can start today by retweeting Britney Spears.


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    • Lisa

      It IS nice to read about a celebrity doing something nice for a change.

      • James

        I take it that you completely ignore the many celebrities who partake in other giving activities right? You’re an idiot Lisa.

    • CG

      I am Ryan’s cousin….just so you know – he probably will not make it through the week. It is very sad. This has been a nice thing to see.

    • Tammy

      Kim Morris Karp Kennedy (Ryan Mom) contacted a childrens cancer foundation devoted to funding children’s cancer research…being that this trend is going they have agreed to take donations that say ryankennedy, twitter or brain cancer research and specifically direct those funds to brain cancer research. If anyone is interested in making this bigger and donating to the cause you can do so online or send a check to curesearch. Great way to honor ryan and all of the other kids out there who have this disease…and the 46 children a day that are diagnosed with cancer…hope I got that right ang….

      Please start a campaign for britany friends to all donate a $1 what
      a difference $16,000,000 would make in brain cancer research

    • Kevin

      Wow. James. Way to bring an unnecessary sense of negativity to something that should be considered by all to be a nice, wimple gesture that can truly make a difference. And if someone decides to write about a celebrity that takes the time to do something nice, that makes them an idiot. It’s good to see the world does have good people that want to help. And its a refreshing reality check to see that while they do that, there’s still small minded myopic people like yourself that just want to tear things down and be negative. Thanks for your comment.

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