Kristen Stewart Suffered An Actual Puncture Wound While Reshooting Breaking Dawn Part 2, Now She Can Say She’s A Method Actress

Kristen Stewart is really committed to getting inside the head of Bella Swan. First it was by dating Edward in real life, and now it’s by suffering a puncture wound. Of course Bella had multiple bites while Kristen’s only puncture is on her foot, and probably wasn’t caused by a vampire fang (though I’m sure you can find a piece of foot fetish slash fiction that has Bella Swan becoming a vampire by way of bitten heel).

Still, since the injury is a result of an accident she had while she was on set reshooting scenes for Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kristen could at least say she was tapping into Bella’s trademark clumsiness. She brought up her foot trauma while on The Tonight Show as a way to explain why she was walking a little awkwardly and was sporting flats rather than heels. If I had a gash on my foot I’d probably walk around exclusively in fuzzy slippers, but as Glamour UK’s best dressed celebrity I guess she has a reputation to keep up.

Now all that’s left to do is guess what the Twilight star stabbed herself on. Something ordinary like a sharp rock or piece of glass, or something specific to the Breaking Dawn set like the bones of the whole animals Jacob and company have to eat hourly to get their protein fix? All that really matters is that she’ll be completely healed by the MTV Movie Awards next month. If past years are any indication, she’ll being doing a lot of walking across the stage.

Photo: (Wikia)

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