Justin Bieber And Boxer Floyd Mayweather Have A Liz Lemon-Jack Donaghy Relationship

This past Saturday night, Justin Bieber went to a boxing watch between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto in LA with fellow musicians 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. Nothing noteworthy on the surface, but it turns out Justin wasn’t just there for the excitement and the company, he was there to support his mentor Floyd Mayweather.

Their Liz and Jack relationship stared after Floyd saw Never Say Never and contacted Justin’s people to see if he was in the market for a mentor. While it’s always nice to hear about someone who wants to take the next generation under their wing, that seems like a strange way to set up a mentoring relationship. Justin is a boxing fan, but wouldn’t someone in the music or at least entertainment industry be able to give him more relevant advice about his career and his future? Plus there’s the mystery of why Floyd sat down to enjoy Never Say Never in the first place; he’s well outside the film’s target demographic.

In the picture snapped of the pair after the match Floyd looks happy that Justin came, so maybe’s there’s a magic to their mentor-mentee dynamic someone on the outside can’t understand. I hope this means Justin will start using boxing metaphors when talking to the press. Saying he wants to keep “Boyfriend” at the top of the charts is expected, but saying he wants to knock out the competition would really be a great quote.

Photos: (Just Jared)

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