Danielle Fishel is 31-Years-Old Today, Enjoy Some Topanga Moments While That Sets In

Today Danielle Fishel aka Topanga Lawrence turns thirty-one. Looked at in Boy Meets World time she and Corey would already have five children she raises and provides for while he hangs out with Shawn (who may or may not be living in a Walden Pond-esc cabin in the woods). It’s been twelve years since since Boy Meets World went off the air and about five since The Disney Channel stopped running repeats, so it’s probably been awhile since you watched Topanga’s unique way of doing things (and her epic hair). Enjoy.

Either Danielle was already planning on an extreme hair cut, or she had some serious dedication to her craft.

Boy Meets World would have been such a different show if Topanga hadn’t grown out of her hippie roots. Side note: she must have had to use a crimping iron for hours!

And Topanga can tell her children that she and their father shared their first kiss while wearing handcuffs. I’m not sure if it would be more or less troubling is she also mentions they were eleven.

So many moments that proved they were destined to be together yet also showed they were such an uneven match.

Perfecting the only thing she really had to do in the later seasons; look annoyed at Corey’s escalating insanity.

Photo: (Celebrity Wallpaper)

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