Video: Watch 2gether Sing ‘Regular Guy’ For The First Time Since 2000

2gether reunion rehearsal video regular guy Alex Solowitz

Fake MTV boy band 2gether is doing their first reunion performance (!!) in Los Angeles tonight, because they know that today is the geekiest day ever. And because this whole reunion has taken place over social media, they made sure to include the fans/potential haters by posting this rehearsal video to Kevin Farley‘s Facebook page.

2gether rehearsals. Seems like old times! he wrote, though it should be noted that only three of the five members were present. Of course, Michael “QT” Cuccione passed away in 2001; and as ONTD pointed outEvan Farmer won’t actually be there since his wife just had a baby (aww). So tonight’s performance at the Universal Studios CityWalk is more of a “teaser” for their official reunion coming up. Alex Solowitz explained over Twitter in April, We’ll be doing a Q &A, we will also be doing 2 or 3 songs. “The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)” had better be one of them.

It’s kind of adorable seeing the guys as thirtysomething dudes fumbling with the cameras on their computers, bringing back old songs like “Regular Guy.” (You know it’s from the first wave of their career because it references Dawson’s Creek.) These bashful adults who are psyched that they still have fans are almost more fun than the fake performers that MTV made so convincing I totally believed they were real.

Photo: TMZ

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