Sex On The Wire: If Wednesday Is ‘Hump Day,’ Today Must Be ‘Just The Tips’ Day

• 6 sex dilemmas and what to do about them. In only slightly related news, I got the song, “put in her mouth” stuck in my head as I wa typing this. Mysterious! (College Crush).

• I’d rather be celibate for the rest of my life then ever have sex with THIS. Ugh, puke in my mouth. (The Frisky)

• Ladies, ladies, ladies. You can have rough sex and still be a feminist. (CollegeCandy)

• The first time this woman had sex, it was so hot she set her house on fire. But not the rain. She’s not Adele. (Gurl)

• How to get a man to talk about the future. No, this is not an Onion article. This is a real article. And no, there’s not black magic involved. This time. (Your Tango)

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