8 Peeta Mellark Tattoos For Josh Hutcherson To Consider For His Next Body Ink

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    • Nancy

      I don’t like those at all…. I feel like all of the tattoos except “Stay Alive” imply that the wearers didn’t understand the point of the books at all. “Stay alive” is a good one…

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    • Diana

      Peeta never says that Katniss is as radiant as the sun…Katniss says it about her self. “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” It’s a quote from when she’s wearing her interview dress. Also, the “stay alive” quote is based on the advice that Haymitch gives Katniss in the books before the games. It’s a motif between them. While it describes Peeta’s struggle, it’s not really associated with him.

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    • Kelsea

      I have LOVED Josh Hutcherson since back in his Bridge to Terabithia days, but I was upset and shocked to read this article on Josh’s “New Found Ink”. Although many people think it’s alright to get tattoos I believe it just makes a person look trashy! And I’m not one of those controlling fans who doesn’t want Josh to grow up, I just honestly think they look trashy, no matter how old you are.

    • MrsHutcherence

      I think it would be cool to get ‘Always’ on my wrist!