8 Peeta Mellark Tattoos For Josh Hutcherson To Consider For His Next Body Ink

Josh Hutcherson new tattoo anchor Peeta Mellark The Hunger Games tattoos

This week, The Hunger Games fans were stirred into a frenzy by this peek at Josh Hutcherson‘s latest tattoo: An intricate anchor on his left side. At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last weekend, Josh told Access Hollywood that he loves tattoos: “I like the traditional kind, like the old Sailor Jerry style… I’m going to get a lot more. So watch out!” With that in mind, we thought that Josh could add some Hunger Games-themed ink to his collection.

We’ve searched Google, Tumblr, and Pinterest for the best Peeta Mellark-centric tattoos, collected in the gallery below. (Why not? Orlando Bloom and co. got commemorative tattoos when they starred in the Lord of the Rings movies.) Some have quotes from the books, others are just tasteful symbols… but most of them we could actually see Josh rocking.

Photo: Celebuzz

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    • Nancy

      I don’t like those at all…. I feel like all of the tattoos except “Stay Alive” imply that the wearers didn’t understand the point of the books at all. “Stay alive” is a good one…

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    • Diana

      Peeta never says that Katniss is as radiant as the sun…Katniss says it about her self. “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” It’s a quote from when she’s wearing her interview dress. Also, the “stay alive” quote is based on the advice that Haymitch gives Katniss in the books before the games. It’s a motif between them. While it describes Peeta’s struggle, it’s not really associated with him.

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    • Kelsea

      I have LOVED Josh Hutcherson since back in his Bridge to Terabithia days, but I was upset and shocked to read this article on Josh’s “New Found Ink”. Although many people think it’s alright to get tattoos I believe it just makes a person look trashy! And I’m not one of those controlling fans who doesn’t want Josh to grow up, I just honestly think they look trashy, no matter how old you are.

    • MrsHutcherence

      I think it would be cool to get ‘Always’ on my wrist!