Did Chris Brown Seriously Just Launch A Line Of Children’s Toys Called Dum English?

Just when you think Chris Brown news can’t make your jaw drop any lower, he launches a line of children’s toys called Dum English. Say what? Yes, Chris Brown named his toy line Dum English.

Why is that a big deal?

His fanbase, the almighty Team Breezy, uses the dumbest form of English whenever they defend him. It’s actually illiterate sometimes. Is naming his toy line Dum English a weird thank you gift to them or just a crazy coincidence.

Also, what?!

Why does Chris Brown have a line of toys? And would anyone really pay $140 for a skeleton astronaut toy that doesn’t move, speak or do anything fun? Yes, that’s right. One hundred and forty dollars for a toy that does nothing. I think you could buy 19 tamogatchis for that price.

Buying this would just be dum. See what I did there?

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    • jose

      look jenni, mr. bown is doin his thing let him be..its ppl like you that bring this world down, yes he mades his mistakes and payed for them already. with that being said he made a great come back and is trying to do more. i think you are just a hater!!..and his toys are called collectables FYI!!..NOT ALL TOYS HAVE TO MOVE just saying, so your saying that his clothing inr that he whats to put out to is a dum idea??

      ther more you talk the more hes gona prove ppl wrong!!
      #team breeze

    • Isabel

      @jose what a pathetic attempt to portray team breezy as illiterate ratchet fans. Please come hard and better than that. Chris Brown will reach further in his life than this amateur collumnist. Keep writing, you will forever stay irrelevant.

    • Brixonne

      I seriously don’t understand why people criticize him for every little thing he does especially when there is nothing negative attached to this project. People like you always try to bring down something thats positive because you simply have nothing else to talk about . You refuse to even mention, in your lack luster of an article that he collaborated with Contemporary artist Ron ENGLISH hence the last name. But you wouldn’t know anything about him because well you probably blog all day and think of the next “witty” thing you can say about Chris. And the “Dum” Comes from his Blog Called Mechanical Dummy . At least if your going to slander someone have some more info to do so. And its not just a “Toy line” Its a collectors item. He painted Chris Last album F.A.M.E and has contributed to other artsits albums artwork. Do your research before you slander someone and make pointless statements. People like you will get nowhere in life. Have a Nice day.

      • dj casper

        Chris Brown is a prick simple as. He beets up women and then makes these things called DUM ENGLISH WELL IM ENGLISH and offended at the name. Chris Brown can go fuckhimself hes nothing but a faggot soft woman beater who cant even hit MEN HES A NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT. If i ever met him id fucking make sure i beet his ass bigtime. one day i will get him.

    • Malcolm Stumpf

      Those aren’t children’s toys, they’re Designer toys. This isn’t a new thing and prices like that are (sadly) normal. Anyway, Chris Brown sucks yaddayadda, but your article is misleading and it would have taken the barest amount of research to realize these are not being sold to kids.

    • Amy

      I actually think those are really cute, but I would only buy one if it was close to the $18.99 mark.

    • bryana eva marie

      i dont care how much it cosys im getting it

    • Lauren

      Oh my god just shut up with these critizing articles. You truly did do no research at all for this and made yourself look like a fool. If your going to write an article look something up eh?

    • Ali

      No i havent read the other comments so I may be repeating them but really? You sound DUMB with this article. CHRIS BROWN is a very talented and UNIQUE artist. Not just some “yo yo MTV raps” or singer, like an actual artist. He had his art show AND he created these toys along with statutes WITH the help of RON ENGLISH…. so “dum ENGLISH” has meaning behind it. People would kill to have the talents that he posses. So again, why dont you read further into something before trying to put someone one blast when in reality, makes yourself look dumb.

    • Kiera

      Look retards if u don’t like chris brown thts yo damn probably but I love him and u jenny what the hell is wrong wiff do u team breezy will b comin for yo ass u are a dummy so just sit yo loney ass down kiss my cats ass cause chris brown don’t need yo shit right now for tha rest of hater SHUT THA FUCK UP BITCHES I KNO WHY YOU HATERZ AND JENNI HATIN ITZ CAUSE YA RATCHET