• Thu, May 3 2012

Wholesome Afternoon Activity: Listen To Cookie Monster Read 50 Shades Of Grey

If 50 Shades of Grey by Twilight fan fiction author E.L James doesn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize for teaching women how to have sex, then I’m going to sell my vagina on eBay. That’s how worthless my life will be and that’s how wonderful I believe this book is when it comes to teaching aspiring journalists how to properly fuck during an interview.

That’s why I was so very excited that Cookie Monster felt the same way I did about this novel. He liked it so much that he agreed to narrate the audio version of the book. What a wonderful treat for people who fondly remember Sesame Street!

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that hearing Cookie read graphic sex acts aloud is just as special as watching Cookie binge eat cookies. He really captures Anastasia Steele as well as Christian Grey.

It’s just oh so delightful. For adults and audio-sex-addicts alike!

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  • Krista

    Just the title of this made me laugh out loud. I can’t wait to play this while not in a library full of people, I’m sure I would embarrass myself otherwise!

  • Nicole

    This is so inappropriate you ought to be ashamed. Cookie Monster is a children’s character, and it’s downright distasteful. Fifty Shades of Grey has its place and can be a damn good read, but you are out of line here.

    • penny

      Calm yourself. Crushable didn’t make this, they just posted about it.

  • Cookie Monster


  • Shelly

    Might actually be funny if it sounded anything like Cookie Monster.

    • Jenni Maier

      I think the funnier part is just hearing the lines read aloud. So much ridiculousness in one novel.

  • Lana

    When he started laughing, so did I.

  • bunnymunro

    sounds just like anthony robbins!

  • Guest

    Why aren’t there any comments? This is hilarious!

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