The GC Is New Zealand’s Equally-Slang-Ridden Answer To Jersey Shore

The GC Tame aunty neff hoha whawaiFor some reason, the other day I was reminiscing on when MTV first unleashed Jersey Shore on us and we had to learn all that weird lingo. Pouf. GTL. Smush. Grenade. But now that trashy slang is all part of our daily jargon and even gets used non-ironically at times. So for all of you who’ve expanded your vocabularies, get ready for another update… courtesy of New Zealand’s The GC.

“GC” stands for Gold Coast, which sounds like Australia’s equivalent to the Jersey Shore or The Hills: Quasi-paradise where beautiful young people act out the most bizarre mating rituals. BuzzFeed has tracked down everything to know about this crazy show, starting with the premise:

Talented and ambitious, the GC cast are chasing the good life on the Gold Coast. Some live together, some work together but they all play together. This series offers a fascinating insight into the lives of nine young and successful Maori.

Every year thousands of Maori are drawn to the glamour and good life that the Gold Coast offers them. And it’s not hard to see why. The warm climate, big paying jobs and cheaper living lures them there, and keeps them there.

The GC is where Australia comes to play and party. The famed Surfer’s Paradise strip is lined with high rise apartments and hotels, and crowded with clubs and bars. It’s hugely competitive and young Maori are striving to reach the top.

But rather than use English when dating, the inhabits of the GC have their own brand of lingo, including “aunties” (hot girls), “neffs” (bros), and perhaps the greatest word for a fight, “whawai.” (Sample sentence: “Remember that great whawai where Snooki got punched in the head?”)

The GC lingo aunty neff hoha

Got all that? Here’s a promo for the show:

Photo: That’s Tame, ladies man. Photo from TV3

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