6 Burning Questions I Have After Watching Real Housewives of Orange County

4.  Why do these women always look like they’re going out to the club? 

This is just a general question about the women and this entire series (and franchise for that matter!). When I go to class, the mall, friend’s house, lunch, etc. I am never as dressed up as these women. Head to toe, they are all done up and looking fly. I maybe do my hair on a Saturday when I go to get a drink with a friend. Do they all have bunions on their feet from walking in heels 24/7? I guess that’s just the pressure of Orange County. Sad.

5.  Will Alexis ever be “Katie Keurig”? 

While getting some lessons from her news anchor coach, Alexis tells her that though she wants to improve, she knows that she’ll never be “Katie Keurig”. Can I tell you how much I loved Alexis at this moment? Not only Alex, but the whole show in general. Not only the whole show, but life as we know it. What a perfect moment. As a matter of fact, I am Katie Keurig. My name is Katie, and sometimes at work, I teach people how to use the new coffee maker which happens to be a Keurig! Alexis knows she’ll never be me which is fine, and I appreciate her finally realizing it. We can’t all be this fabulous.

6. Is Vicki going to have a heart attack after the bomb Brianna dropped?

If I told my mom that I got hitched to a guy she barely knew in Vegas, she would have lunged across the table and stabbed me with the remaining shards of her martini glass. You can tell Vicki is busting at the seams with anger and sadness, but wants to keep it together because a) she’s in a public place and b) she doesn’t want to be a crazy. If I was Vicki, I would probably be freaking out. How does a person even process that their kid went and did that? Anyone have any experience in this department?

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