Looks Like Kyle Richards Is Pulling A Teresa Giudice, Cue The Anonymous Friends Speaking Out

Well, it’s happened. The dreadful Teresa Giudice “I’m too good for you now that I’m on a reality show” virus spread across the country and infected Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Poor, beautiful, bitchy Kyle Richards. At one point, both women were just Real Housewives, aspiring famous people spending their money lavishly in an attempt to impress Andy Cohen. Now they’re both monsters, hated by everyone and anyone with access to a tabloid reporter’s phone number. It happened so fast.

Everyone who watches The Real Housewives of New Jersey knows Teresa Giudice lives in her own world. One where cumin is pronounced CUM-IN and where Joe Giudice is so sexually appealing enough that she wants to procreate with him. This season of RHONJ is all about how much everyone hates the cookbook diva. (It’s also about Joe Gorga’s need to assert his masculinity and sexual prowess. But that’s another post entirely.)

Now anonymous friends are reporting that Kyle Richards also entered her own world. One where she can only be contacted via assistants.  Radar Online exclusively reports that the show’s success has gone to her head. Maybe also her hair, that would explain it’s wonderful volume.

“Her real friends have noticed. She recently told an actual close friend to ‘contact my assistant’ about making plans with her. Like she was too busy to make time for them now. They were so hurt,” the friend claims.

And if that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, just read this quote:

“She sets DVRs on multiple TVs throughout the house and watches herself for HOURS analyzing her outfits, hair and makeup, and the camera angles she’s shot from. It’s incredible how she’s changed so much and become obsessed and superficial.”

It’s like she thinks DVR is just one giant Facebook stalking session where she can sit and admire herself for hours. Disgusting, appalling and completely unsurprising. This is unfortunately what happens when you turn bored housewives into reality stars. On last week’s episode of RHONJ, Joe Giudice claimed he’s the smartest person in the world next to God. That’s how horribly being on a reality TV show warps your brain. I don’t think Joe Giudice is literate, let alone the smartest person in the world next to God.

The only good news to come out of all of this is that Bravo is filming the third season right now. So we should be able to catch Kyle Richard’s head swelling on camera. Let the countdown begin to season three begin!

(Photo: Bravo)

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    • Jeannie

      Oh boy, another season of watching Kyle do the splits and twirl her hair! That gal’s got talent!