This Is What Happens When You Send Soldiers Tiny Justin Bieber T-Shirts

Marines soldiers Justin Bieber babydoll T-shirts funny photos Reddit

We love grandmothers who can mock Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape, and we also love mothers who send their sons tiny Justin Bieber babydoll T-shirts when they’re on active duty. That’s what happened with Redditor vchama – although now the original poster’s name has been redacted — who is overseas on a tour of duty. He gave very little explanation, but honestly the photos say it all.

Obviously vchama’s platoon mates were really amused by his care package, and proceeded to model the shirts at camp. By and large, the Redditors in the original thread cracked up as well, suggesting that the photos be cross-posted to one of the “male eye candy” subreddits, and offering up these great comments:

bobmystery: Who are you touring with? The Village People?
nettles121: my first thought was a band, too. i guess war hasn’t ruined everything.

qrtr_inch_seam: That is the single funniest thing I’ve seen on Reddit in a long time. Well done, gents. Come home soon.
Rick-Deckard: … And safe!
CannedBeef: Keep the shirts safe too!
FlyingPasta: Not if they keep getting any bulkier.
tacolollipop: Oorah.

I especially love how in this photo they seem to be giving their best imitation of Justin Bieber trying in vain to work out.

Marines soldiers Justin Bieber babydoll T-shirts funny photos Reddit


Photos: Reddit

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    • matt

      in the first pic..the soldier furthest on the right, is my brother Ed. hes a private in Canadian Forces, and was serving in Afghanistan

    • jennifer lopez

      i am jennifer lopez and dont talk bad about justin bieber ok or you are massin with me

    • Kavin

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