Rihanna Posts Make-Up Free Photos, Making Us Wonder If They’re The New Nude Photo Leak

Yesterday Rihanna uploaded make-up free photos to her instagram, making her the 1000th celebrity recently to mupload “shocking” make-up free photos. Despite being bare-faced in the photos, she’s still completely recognizable. With or without make-up (and also in her case, with or without clothing), she’s still Rihanna. The woman who made the horrible mistake of sleeping over at  Ashton Kutcher’s house on one lonely night.

While we’re not shocked by the fact she released these photos, we are shocked with how popular this is becoming among  female celebs. Recently Jennifer Love Hewitt and Demi Lovato both uploaded make-up free photos. Two completely different types of stars, both thinking the same thought: normal folk want to see us looking normal.

Remember when accidentally leaking naked photos was all the rage in Hollywoodland?  Every other celebrity was like, “whoops, I meant to text that to my boyfriend, not tweet it out to my one million followers. My bad. How do I look?” Then celebs like Heather Morris from Glee got in on the game and we realized that the whole thing felt stale. If B-list stars on B-list shows can get national coverage for nudity, it doesn’t really carry the same excitement it once did.

So now female celebs can mupload an innocent make-up free photo to their social media accounts, get tons of positive press for their bare-faced bravery and maybe even gain some new fans. It has all the perks of a nude photo leak, without any of the scandalous headlines.

It’s a win-win for fans and celebs alike. We get to see the “real” them and they get to keep their private parts private.

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