Now That Jessica Simpson Has (Finally!) Given Birth, Let’s Start Caring About These Other Preggers Celebs

Simpson before Maxwell came into the world.

After the longest pregnancy in the history of the world, Jessica Simpson has finally popped out her new little bundle of joy. Based on how long she seemed to be preggers and the size that her belly bump reached, one would have assumed she was either going to drop a 10-year-old or 10 one-year-olds.

Simpson and her fella, Eric Johnson, became the very proud parents of a nine-pound-13-ounce little girl whom they named Maxwell Drew Johnson. It’s a good thing Simpson and Johnson can afford help with their infant because after that pregnancy, Mama Simpson is going to want to rest up for the next several weeks, months or maybe even years.

Although it’s hard to believe, because all eyes were on Jessica and her ever-growing baby belly, she was not the only celebrity who is (or rather was) currently pregnant. Nope, not even close. Shockingly, there are other celebrities in the world and some of them, too, have been sporting or, in some cases, trying to hide their “baby bump” from the media until they’re ready to announce it from the rooftops. Magazines do pay a pretty penny to be the first to drop that type of coveted information first, as we all know.

So now that the Simpson-Johnson family is currently out of the “who’s who” of the celebrity pregnancy world, here are 10 other celebrities on whom you can place your focus until they pop, too. It’s a never-ending circle, this thing called life, and if you’re into watching celebs and baby bellies roaming the wild streets of this great nation, you’ll never run out of entertainment.

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